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38 Tips To Become Wiser By Robert Mugabe Wisdom

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robert mugabe

1.Marriage doesn’t cure lust, if it did adultery wouldn’t exist. Self-control is still a requirement. Lust doesn’t care if you are married or single. You may be Solomon in wisdom or David in praise or Abraham in faith or Joshua in war but if you are not Joseph in discipline. You will end up like Samson in destruction. (robert mugabe)

2.That Guy who discovered Milk…. What was he doing with the Cows breast in the first place?

3.My worst fear is not death But it’s lying there in the Mortuary dead with everyone seeing me Naked.

4.Being an ancestor must be painful ,Just imagine being an ancestor, then they come to ask you to bless them with cars but you never owned a wheelbarrow!

5.I saw a friend I hadn’t seen for a long period of time and he mistook me for Jesus… He was like, ‘ Jesus this you?’

6.Leaving a Man Because Of Cheating Is Like Leaving A Country Because Of Rain.
My Sister It Rains Everywhere My Sister Sit Down.

7.I was in a taxi and a beautiful lady was sitting next to me and she was sleeping so I also decide to sleep next to her so that others will say I slept with her.

8.Nigerians,,,,, its Jesus and not Chisos,, hope its clear?

9.A guy with no passport tells you “you are the most beautiful girl in the world” and yet you believe him. My sister your brain needs deliverance. Please consult your pastor and doctor. (mugabe wisdom)

10.Women who fall in love or marry men because of money must never criticize prostitutes; they are of the same profession. The only difference is that they work in the private sector while the prostitutes work in the public sector.

11.Black parents will always say they don’t have money until you are admitted in hospital then they will bring you all the nice things that you have never tasted before.

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12.lf Adam & Eve were Chinese we would have been in paradise because they would have ignored the apple & eaten the snake.

13.The reason why MEN are still important is because VIBRATORS cannot buy drinks

14.Social Media will make you Think Some people are way Out of Your League! But you’re far better than them in reality.

15.Now I understand why Snooker is a cool game for men. It teaches them to focus on many holes using just one stick

16.A man who loves and respect you will never ask you to send him nudes

17.A woman who doesn’t ask for money is just setting a trap so you can marry her and she start controlling all your money….. boys are we together. (mugabe wisdom)

18.”The buttocks may grow bigger, but they can never choke the anus” – A proverb straight from the motherland. Meaning: Regardless of the difficulties you are experiencing… Remember to stay positive & keep smiling because you are still breathing. (mugabe wisdom)

19.When a hen is chased by a cock for sex, it runs 2 meters and get tired and get caught, but when I chase it for supper it run the whole day..My brother women will always be women. (mugabe wisdom)

20.I don’t know why African parents are quick to notice a pregnant Child .But not a depressed Child

21.If your girlfriend cheats on you, you need to understand that you lacked something that made her cheat, so instead of leaving her for another girl, find out the error in yourself, apologize to her and be a Better man.

22.She will text you ‘Goodnight’ & text another guy ‘Babe I’m at your gate’ .
My brother demons are real.

23.You buy a phone with a name of a fridge, Hisense, but when it freezes you complain.I hope sense will locate your head one day..

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24.Babe you look so Modric, your body is so Pivaric, your eyes are so Rakitic. Your smile makes me look Perisic, When I see you my body feels Brozovic. The way you move that Kramaric it’s so Strinic. Babe you are my Dalic and my Lovren for you is so Kovacic. When i’m with you i feel so Subasic, you are my Mandzuki.

25.My sister just because a guy is flirting with you doesn’t mean you’re pretty.When you’re hungry even garbage is delicious.

26.God does not perform financial miracles but connects you to opportunities that lead to financial freedom through hard work.
Remain blessed my children. Can I have a big Amen?

27.When you start to realize people have moved on without you accept it and move on. Don’t go to social media and become a poet

28.Don’t compete with others. We come from different backgrounds and circumstances are not the same

29.This Is Why I Don’t Like Abbreviations. My neighbor (a SEXY lady) sent this text to me.. “i̲ n̲i̲d̲ yur d̲i̲c̲ 4 m̲y̲ a̲s̲s̲”
ME: I quickly replied… “̲b̲t̲ i̲ d̲n̲t̲ v̲e̲ c̲o̲n̲d̲o̲m̲s̲”
LADY : “w̲ha̲t̲ c̲o̲n̲d̲o̲m̲s̲”! i̲ s̲a̲i̲d̲ i̲ n̲eed̲ your d̲i̲c̲t̲i̲o̲n̲a̲r̲y̲ f̲o̲r̲ m̲y̲ a̲s̲s̲i̲g̲n̲m̲e̲n̲t̲s̲

30.Dating a bleached girl is not a problem, the problem is when she gets pregnant, and you’re expecting a cute baby like Neymar , Then boom Pogba.

31.You deleted the bible app on your phone so you can download SNAPCHAT. I hope the flowers on your forehead will reduce the heat in hell.

32.My brother when a girl says”i need a favor”
just log out very quickly, switch off your data, pull out the battery and chew the sim card..then run!

33.When she says my child is everything just know the father ran away.

34.Congratulations to all ladies who got pregnant by men they got on social media,you are carrying a little notification my sister..

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35.Black people will see their ex classmates pregnant and say “Eish this girl was very quiet at school.”

Who said pregnancy comes with noise?

36.Continue Smoking Weed with your boyfriend…My sister, that nigga will marry a non smoker and then
use you as a Testimony in Church.

37.My brother if your girlfriend is good in bed it is not a good news oo….she has train for many years with many coaches.

38.My brother if your girlfriend is good in bed it is not a good news oo….she has train for many years with many coaches

39.Some people are mad at you because you are not suffering the way they expected you to!!


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