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4 Ways To Stop Your Ex Lover From Bordering You Regularly

4 Ways To Stop Your Ex Lover From Contacting You Regularly
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Do you still have that ex lover who doesn’t want to move on? That ex that’s still bordering you and calling you regularly? That ex that keeps irritating you with their calls? That ex that just won’t let go? These are the best four ways To Stop Your Ex Lover for calling you regularly.

These things happen a lot of the times, and it could be frustrating when you’ve moved on from someone, and they still haven’t moved on. So it is very important you look for ways to stop your ex lover from bordering you regularly.

These tips will will show you the four best ways to stop your ex lover from contacting you regularly.


If you give your ex lover the impression that you still care and you still have feelings for him/her, then that ex will still be under the illusion that there could be a comeback. So the first step to breaking frequent contact is to make your ex lover believe you don’t care.


Ignore the calls and messages of that ex lover, and you’ll pass a message that you’ve totally moved on from that relationship. When you still pick your ex’s call and still text your ex, then you give your ex hope.


If your ex lover is still calling persistently, then you could go as far as blocking their numbers from calling you. Blocking your ex’s call will even kill the temptation of picking his/her call.

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Sometimes it’s not actually that your ex truly wants you back; a lot of the times, it’s all about the past and reliving past memories. Your ex lover could see an old picture of you and start reliving those old moments. So cutting your ex off from social media will help take you off your ex’s mind. But when your ex keep seeing your updates everyday, then you’ll keep getting those unwanted calls.

If you’re tired of getting those unwanted calls from your ex, that’s usually born out of lust, past memories and selfishness, then these tips will help you.

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