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Ivory Coast DJ Arafat Dies In A Motorbike Accident

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BREAKING NEWS: Ivory Coast DJ Arafat Dies In A Motorbike Accident

Ivory Cost Musician DJ Arafat reported dies in a motorbike accident. It’s around 11 pm on August 11 when the Ivorian star of the shifted DJ Arafat and a group of friends take their motorcycle to Abidjan. The artist, in love with speed, rears his vehicle.

A few meters further, he collides with a vehicle driven by a journalist from Radio Côte d’Ivoire. The shock is violent, as evidenced by the images of the machine completely destroyed broadcast on social networks.

► DJ Arafat, master of controversy

Other videos show DJ Arafat lying on the road, unconscious. He was rushed to the hospital. Since then, many rumors have circulated about his state of health: fractures, deaths or consumption of alcohol and narcotics.

They have been refuted by Yves Jay Jay, the communication officer of the singer. The latter has posted a message on his Facebook account to reassure fans. According to him, DJ Arafat is still in intensive care, but in a stable state.

Ivory Coast DJ Arafat Dies in motorbike accident
Ivory Coast DJ Arafat Dies in motorbike accident

Ivory Coast DJ Arafat Dies in motorbike accident

Wikipedia Update on Ivory Coast DJ Arafat Dies In A Motorbike Accident

DJ Arafat, or Arafat Muana, born January 26, 1986 as Ange Didier Huon), an ex-disc jockey in “Shangaï” on Princess Street (Rue Princesse, located in YopougonIvory Coast), was an Ivorian DJ and singer who makes music of the Coupé-Décalé genre.

He is the son of Tina Glamour, also an artist, and the deceased musician Houon Pierre. He is considered one of the most popular African artist in Francophone countries around the world. DJ Arafat is one of the first in his country Ivory Coast to obtain 1 million views in less than a day on his song ‘Moto Moto’. He died on August 12, 2019 in a fatal motorcycle accident in Abidjan, Ivory Coast

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Confirmation of that Ivory Coast DJ Arafat has dies in a motorbike accident by FRANCE24

Ivorian singer DJ Arafat, star of the coupé-décalé, died Monday after a traffic accident occurred in the night, announced the Ivorian Public Radio-Television (RTI).

“Death of the artist DJ Arafat, his real name Houon Ange Didier, Monday, August 12 at 8 am (local and GMT), the result of a traffic accident that occurred in the night of Sunday” to Monday in Abidjan, said the RTI on his Twitter account.


According to messages and photos circulating on social networks, DJ Arafa was riding a motorcycle when he hit a car in the night.

The Ivorian Minister of Culture Maurice Kouakou Bandaman “expresses his condolences to the family and music lovers”, and arrangements will be made for “a tribute to the artist,” according to a statement released by the RTI.

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