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Jesus Arrested In South Africa Airport As He Escapes Trial In Kenya

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The fake Jesus aledgey invited by a Kenyan pastor to preach in his Church has cause a lot of confusion around the world. The man who imposed himself as Jesus is known to be an American pastor and actor of Jesus Films.

He was alledgely arrested by the Kenyan police and kept in the cell to be deported back to his country. The pastors who invited him and proclaim him as Jesus where also arrested and locked up.

A Kenyan source claim the supposed Jesus disappeared after about 8 hours of his arrest as plans where being made for his deportation.

Another source from south Africa alledgely claim this same Jesus was arrested a South African as he escaped police from Kenya.


The South African police has contacted the Kenyan police for possible extradiction to face trial in Kenya.

Note: This story is all fantasy and fiction

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