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The man who died, resurrected after 3 days, but was struck by thunder as he tried rising to heaven.

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The man called De Lawrence, died mysteriously, he said that there is no big deal as per the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. He died and his follower begin to tell people as per what he told them that he will died and wake up after 3rd day like Jesus. Surprisingly, he died and rose up on the 3rd day but on his way to come out of his burial room , there arose a mighty thunder from heaven and struck him to death.; since, no man can be liken to Jesus Christ not even him De Lawrence.

Stories of de Lauence have been told many a times such as the famous ‘Shirley

  1. The Boxing Duppy

“>duppy’ in Rollington Town which left many people abandoning their houses; rocks being thrown at houses with no view of the stone thrower, rain falling only in a particular spot (dat deh secret deh ah Africa), babies cribs caught on fire with no harm to the baby and one that I have never forgotten about a young woman being pregnant for fourteen months who was taken out to see a spiritualist and was given medicine and told to sit over a pail when she got home, which was what she did – she sat as if she wanted to urinate  in the pail, while she did so, what came out of her was an egg, scribbled on the egg in blue ink was LEAVE MY MAN NORMAN ALONE!!. The story was that this was done to her by Normans baby’s mother who had gone to an Obeah man who was a student of de Laurence.  It has been said that  de Laurence only terrorizes those who owes him and this is the way he demands of payment (lol).  De Laurence practiced Hindu occultism and mastered it to some degree, and contrary to most thought he was a white man, he knew how to use the power of the mind.

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De Laurence was born on 31 October 1868 in Cleveland, Ohio, the eldest child of William and Mary (née Walker) Lawrence. He was married twice: the first time was in 1897 to Orrie Eckert in Ohio and the second time in about 1905 to Pauline McAdoo in Illinois.

De Laurence died on 11 September 1936 in Chicago, at the age of 68

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