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Woman takes pastor to court for turning son into a big rat during a deliverance service.

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A Rwandan based Nigerian pastor by name pastor Chinedu Moses has been taken to court for turning a boy into a big rat during a deliverance service after a mother complained of mysterious loss of money at home where she lives with her only son.

It all started when a Rwandan businesswoman Shamarima took her son to the said pastor after discovering that her money safely kept in her room with mysteriously gets missing every day no matter how hard she tries to secure her money. At times she will remain up until 2:00 am just to watch out what is actually going on but immediately she sleeps even for 10 minutes, she will only notice part of her hard earned money is gone.

But interestingly her son Mugenzi who does not have a job and does nothing for a living is living a luxerous life, going for clubing, buying expensive clothes, shoes and jweries, and also entertaining countless girls. Shamarima has always suspected her son is stealing her money but what she was not sure of was the means he uses to steal the money. After countless incidences that almost led to the colapse of her business, Shamarima decided to force the son to follow her to see her pastor for spiritual talks and deliverance from his earthly way of living. The son resisted for sometime but later gaveup and just decided to follow the mother after she promised him it is just for a talk and nothing more than that.

Behold, they both went to church on that Sunday morning. When it was deliverance time immediately the pastor saw the boy he shouted “I see a thief in this place in the form of a rat”. The whole church was left in a delima and the mother of the boy got furious. Immediately the pastor started with a deliverance prayer untill suddenly the unmaginable happened, the boy suddenly transformed into a very big rat. The whole church was left with fear while the mother fell into tears and querelling the pastor to bring back her son to a human.

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The pastor prayed for more than 6 hours pouring anointing water all over his body in an attempt to bring back the rat to human but to no avail.



The woman later reported the case to the police who forwarded the case to the court in an attempt to cause the pastor bring back the rat to human. The woman has been crying for the past two weeks with her beloved son now in the form of a rat.

The court judged the pastor and sentenced him to 25 years imprisonment. But the question every body is asking is “Will that prison term bring back the boy?”


The woman is now regreting and saying had I known, I would have allow my son to continue stealing my money with his witchcraft of rat, after all he would still remain my son. But now look as what I got for a son, a rat?

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